Campus: Sector 36, Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar-Road, Haryana
Ph:09466469433, 09466469533, 08607006333

Events & Activities

"It’s worth to know the difference between the station master and the school master. The station master minds the train while the school master trains the mind. We can even change our erroneous attitude if we give space to our habit pattern by means of training holding events and activities."

Regular Events

Aakash International is a vibrant campus; our kids are involved in some or the other events every week. Each calendar month follow a THEME that reflects in the corridor, soft boards, classrooms and the hues and air around us. However we celebrate Annual School Day on ________________ followed by Annual Sports Meet, Annual Teens Literary Festival amongst others.

Inter-house Competitions

Our children are made to understand that fair play and participation is more important than winning a competition. Thus they build team spirit and competitive urge through the inter-house competitions held almost every day.

Interschool Competitions

The unique feature of Aakash International is its customary endeavor to host different literary, aesthetic as well as athletic events amongst the schools in the region ranging from district, state and national level contests & seminars. Following are a few genres for interschool events.

1. Elocution/Declamation
2. Debate
3. Extempore Speech
4. Paper Reading Seminar
5. English Play
6. Essay Writing
7. Story Writing
8. Recitation
9. Quiz
10. Skit
11. Calligraphy, Drawing & Painting
12. Boogie Boogie (Nursery Rhymes)
13. Story Telling
14. Public Speaking
15. Athletic Meet
16. Football Tournament
17. Limited Over Cricket Match
18. Social Service

Training Camps & Outings

Summer Camp, Winter Camp, Spring Camp are our regular Personality Development Camps where we focus in aesthetic, dramatic, kinesthetic, oratorical skills of the children during the holiday breaks. Although attendance is optional we get more external participants than our own kids to get benefits of such seasonal programmes. PLEASE REFER OUR ACADEMIC CALENDER TO GET THE DETAILS ABOUT OUR COMPETITIONS.