Campus: Sector 36, Bahadurgarh, Jhajjar-Road, Haryana
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"Success is never a dream; it never comes via any jackpot. It comes through accuracy in planning. Thus success is never possible if one doesn’t lay the right strategy by means of planning. Success in an educational institute vastly depends on its facilities."


Educomp :The Futuristic Classrooms

An image tells you hundred things rather than an hour long explanation. Children learn better by doing things by themselves. Their perception becomes crystal clear if things are illustrated via multiple sensory organs. This is how Educom Digital Smart Board helps the teacher pass knowledge and ideas to the children with least physical effort. Their attention span is accelerated by their interest on the audiovisual materials.

Air Conditioned Classrooms

It’s true that Ishwar Chandra Vidya Sagar studied under the street light and Albert Einstein had to run away from his native town for education. Another truth is all the dynastic leaders are trained through cozy, comfort reach of mental and physical training because leaders are made; not born. We put out best effort to make the children safe, happy and comfortable by all means. Our centrally AC classrooms stand an evident of this fact.

State of Art Library

A book means ocean of knowledge. Books don’t mean something to showcase in the drawing room parlor. We shelve books for kids which really interest them such as comics and very short but meaningful stories from renowned publishing houses like NBT and CBT. We encourage them to go through biographies of the great thinkers across the globe. We make them independent thinker through dictionaries, colorful illustrated encyclopedias and thesaurus apart from other books on almost every subjects.

State of Art Laboratory

Our children learn by doing: by means of observation, annotation and their application leading to higher order thinking. This also leads to inventive thinking. The school currently has moderate common lab for the children to make the learning process fulfilled and to arise their curiosity on how things happen.

Hygienic Toiletries

Health plays vital role in our progressive life. When a bit of infection can create havoc, we believe there is no alternative to prevention. We check hygiene level of the toiletries regularly and make sure they are sterilized and fit to use. We also focus on hygiene habits of the kids by facilitating them with fragmented disinfectants, tissues, automatic dryers etc.

Spacious Playground

It’s truly said that health is wealth. Fitness brings confidence and right posture to our individuality. Our PT Instructor gives games & sports lessons twice a week. Children are encouraged to play at least a game and take part in different inter-house competitions as compulsory rule. The playground is big enough to hold a football match or an athletic meet. Similarly there is a separate decorated play area for Playgroup kids with mazes, caves, swings and see-saw.

Indoor Games

The school has almost every indoor game facilities such as carom, chess, shuttle racquets, table tennis, skipping ropes and alike. Children take the advantage of the centrally air conditioned pavilion during the summer and warm incubation during the winter. We have separate floors for dance & aerobics training.

Conference Hall, ICT & other Cyber Tools.

Saturdays are reserved for co-curricular and extracurricular activities in the school which are held in the splendid Conference Hall. This venue is equipped with modern projector and flexible seating arrangement in conference style. Educational movies and recorded performance of the kids are displayed to boost up the morals of the children. The hall is also used for frequent in service training and orientation programmes. Significantly this conference hall is digitally connected with the Knowledge Centre where teachers formulate lesson plans. Computers outnumbered the present strength of the students for ICT classes.

Safe & Cozy Transport, Medical

Branded new and comfortable air conditioned buses are in operation for pick and drop facilities of the students and staff in the precinct of Bahadurgarh. To ensure the safety of the kids we have appointed female conductors to escort the kids in the route. We have 24 hours doctors on call duty. The infirmary has ensured first aid services for immediate recovery of injuries and causalities.

Trained Mentors

Though technology has overpowered human actions it’s still relevant to say man behind the machine is more important than machines. It’s human emotion, love, trust which inspire the learners to have confidence and respect the teachers. Our teams of experienced and dedicated teachers who have exposure in multicultural and overseas set up serve this purpose. Unique example is that each of our teachers has adopted kids who are weak in academics and need motivation and have shown remarkable differences.

Training Camps & Outings

Summer Camp, Winter Camp, Spring Camp are our regular Personality Development Camps where we focus in aesthetic, dramatic, kinesthetic, oratorical skills of the children during the holiday breaks. Although attendance is optional we get more external participants than our own kids to get benefits of such seasonal programmes. PLEASE REFER OUR ACADEMIC CALENDAR TO GET THE DETAILS ABOUT OUR COMPETITIONS.