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Message From the Desk of the Chairman

Knowing the fact education transcends society it had been my great endeavor to provide quality education for the valiant & prosperous community of Haryana so that our present generation can walk hand in hand with the great thinkers that help to bring changes. Thus we aim to create a global platform while initiating small steps at the regional level by means of providing quality education in a collaborative process. For me quality doesn’t mean classical theoretical knowledge which does not have any application in real life. Quality means high thinking and their practices with pure humanistic approach that help each other to live life with least conflict, happiness and empathy vis a vis economic, social and cultural significance. Our vision for AIS is to ignite the individual capacity of every child in one or multiple area of intelligence to realize their dreams. This will help to grab the opportunities that would knock at their doors; they don’t need to run behind money or power. Eventually we try our best to redefine good schooling that go life along as constructive, nostalgic, sentimental and memorable.

I wish a thrilling congratulation for the energetic students, dignified teachers and cordial parents to accomplish our initiative in the first year itself.

Message From the Desk of the Director

Education is a lifelong process which begins in the mother’s womb. Prenatal care such as nutritious diet to the mother, music to the fetus and moderate exercise ensures a healthy child. The infant grows to be a baby when he begins to make sense of the surroundings. If the surrounding is positive and constructive it will acquire it. In case the child gets the vibes of negativity, ill manners the innocent baby would acquire it. It is like the story of the parrots kept by two different traits good man and evil man. Therefore scholars say charity begins at home. It is a natural process of education where parental care plays vital role in the formation of habit, mannerism, communication and multiple intelligences as their foundation of learning process. Then the child needs formal education in identification & recognition of numbers, objects and ideas. Many in the western world provide home learning early childhood education while country like India depends on the concept of preschool. We at AIS design our preschool curriculum on the basis of experiencing multiple sensory skills by means of play way learning. At the elementary level we encourage to feel happy and aspire. These happiness and aspiration create a way for curiosity. Facilitating the curious mind opens up true means of education. Our Mentors leave no stone unturn in this aspect through creating vistas of opportunities for the learners to experience life through situations and application of bookish knowledge.

Having complete trust on your support and on our resources we solicite you to unite with educational relationship with us.

Message From the Desk of the Principal

In the rapid changing and competitive world today parents are in real quandary to decide what would be best for their kids. They try to comprehend what is good schooling for there is a incessant flow of emerging new technology, new inventions, new methodologies, new lifestyles superseding the previous set of such advancement. It’s like todays fresh dish turns as stale one tomorrow. Even our education system aims at building character and personality fit for jobs; it’s least focused at germinating interest in entrepreneurship, inventive thinking or dignified leader. What can we do in a school to give the best to the parents in the process of building future of the future citizens while living within the complex system and unsighted policies? Therefore we at AIS work to empower the learners to decide on their choices while we ensure to facilitate best out of best with complete freedom and stern discipline. It’s like the phrase ‘do not help a needy with a bread but show him/her how to earn it’. Realizing the fact that education is the most powerful tool which we can use to change the world, we stand as friend, philosopher and guide to the children creating a homely learning environment in collaboration with parents, government and the general public. Prioritizing linguistic skills followed by computer application, aesthetics & kinesthetic we take small steps before any giant leaps.

Wishing you good health, splendid mind and rejuvenating spirit we welcome you to experience our potentiality.